Solar and hybrid sludge dryers

Solar and hybrid sludge dryers are currently some of the most desired and in great request solutions that allow changing the physical properties of the sludge before the final management. The main idea of constructing solar dryers is based on the perennial popularity of greenhouses adapted to the dimensions of the technical equipment hall. By halls, we mean galvanized steel structures covered with transparent material: polycarbonate, plastic foil, glass etc. Double-pitched roof with full width pitched roof windows. The main principle of operation depends on effective usage of the indoor greenhouse effect and in the case of a hybrid type also on additional heat acquired from alternative sources.

Free energy can be found all around us, it is the Sun above us, wind tousling hair, groundwater, murmuring streams and rushing rivers or even wastewater flowing in sewerage. Following the strategies of sustainable development and eco-efficiency and simply caring for nature, our dryers exploit only renewable and waste energy taking into account the location-economic conditions. With the systems used to assist drying, for example, heat pumps, the process can be carried out ​​regardless of the weather conditions throughout the calendar year.

Contrary to the popular belief, sludge conducts heat very well, which is particularly important especially during winter. Conducted by our company researches confirmed that surface heating significantly speeds up the drying process. Support installations prevent the sludge bed from freezing up thus extending the time of effective drying and allowing the turning machine continuous operation.

Sun sludge drying is currently the cheapest way to get rid of water. For example, 1 tonne of water evaporation in solar dryers requires approximately 25 - 30 kWh and the drying in traditional ones using conventional fuels more than 800 kWh. The dried sludge gets a 4-fold volume reduction, so it has a consistency similar to lumpy soil. The final product is suitable for broadly defined agricultural and energetic usage.

With a wide range of experience in environmental investments, we can prepare a complete solar or hybrid municipal sludge dryer documentation, including any legal agreements required for the implementation, together with the applications and assistance in obtaining grants.

Pictures of selected investments:

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